And Some Joke About Erections.


Right, I still have a blog. Well, how about this: I finished series 4 of Torchwood the other day, and I feel you should too. If you’re like me or my friends, you might have started watching the Doctor Who spinoff when it began, only to give up (probably somewhere in the middle of series 2) because it was somehow more campy and hand-wavy than the Doctor. Apparently the writers and producers were as disappointed with this as the viewers, and in series 3 it suddenly became the more-serious-and-adult-verion-of-Doctor-Who that it was originally conceived as. Series 3 was orders of magnitude better than the previous two series, and series 4 is just flat out good television. So, if you’re like me and quit early on… give it another chance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Quest Accepted.


Self-deprecation is one of my favorite forms of humor. As you may have gathered, I am also a fairly big fan of all things nerdy. So when the two come together into some kind nerds-making-fun-of-nerd-culture-but-also-showcasing-why-it’s-fun-by-being-awesome … thing … I’m bound to enjoy it. Then of course I feel it need to share it with all of you. So. Some of you may have seen the old The Gamers video, and perhaps the sequel Dorkness Rising (If you haven’t, check them out; they’re great).

What you may have missed is the latest of these fantasy parodies: JourneyQuest. Like its predecessors, it is a humorious take on the classic swords and sorcery epic. The difference is in the quality. Instead of a fan-made video, which are enjoyable but have obvious limitations, JourneyQuest is attempting to be one of the first professional-quality shows without a producer. Even web series like The Guild are backed by corporate sponsors.

So, what should you do? Well, you should watch the show. If you like it, you should share it with your friends. Heck, if you don’t like it, share it with them anyway. Maybe they will. If you like it a lot, you should visit their website and consider helping finance Season 2. Then you should become hopelessly engrossed in behind the scenes footage, and other Dead Gentleman Productions works. Seriously, they only make awesome thing. Check it out!

Grow A Pair (Of Fangs).


I randomly stumbled across a trailer for the movie Priest, and it looks pretty sweet. Possibly quite campy, but still sweet. More importantly, it’s a vampire movie that actually about vampires instead of sparkefaggots, and right now we need more of those. I’m hoping it comes out as something like a higher-budget version of The Mutant Chronicles, instead of falling into the same void movies like Daybreakers and Legion did. I hear it’s nothing like the graphic novel, so there should be some nerdrage over its release which is always delicious.

Also, this week’s WTF will be late. Surprise, I know! But this time it’s actually planned, because tomorrow with any luck I will be nowhere near a computer. Clearly I am building your anticipation. Clearly.

This Must Be Heaven.


In some kind of fantastically convoluted series of events, some friends and I ended up seeing 9 yesterday. The movie itself was pretty good; it didn’t quite live up to the awesome of the trailers, but neither did it fail to provide for an entertaining couple of hours. That was not, however, the highlight of the trip. The highlight was the theater itself. Somewhere along the line, someone decided it would be a good idea to combine movies, food, and adult beverages. They were absolutely right. The Mountlake 8 theater was fantastic, and we all immediately decided we would never see a movie at any other location. I’m not sure how widespread this type of venue is, but if the thought of Beer, Burgers, and the Big Screen intrigues you, I definitely recommend looking in to it.

Your Techo Music Beguiles Me.


A brief reprieve from WoW discussion to mention…movies! District 9 came out last week, and while anyone that wanted to see it probably already has, I feel the need to talk about it anyway. First off, very enjoyable movie. I’m always a fan of well thought out stories, especially in the pitfall-ridden land of Alternate Earth. Apparently so is the rest of Seattle, as the “empty” theater left us in the second row, breaking our chairs and necks in an attempt to get a halfway decent view of the screen. I was a bit annoyed at the video documentary style at the start of the movie (more because I’m just sick of everyone using that than any real dislike of the style. But seriously, at some point even crazy people would put the camera down), but thankfully that was dropped fairly quickly and I could start to enjoy aliens and…well..alien guns. Which were also awesome by the way. I was so, so happy that all the alien technology in the movie did a minimum of shitting all over the laws of physics/genetics/common sense. I’m looking forward to seeing it again in a less pain-inducing setting; this is definitely one for the collection. Oh, and I finished World War Z, which is basically like District 9, only with zombies. Also obviously less concern about alien rights and more concern with killing the fuck outta some zombies. Good times.

…of the Dead.


I ended up re-watching Shaun of the Dead, which then lead to a viewing of all the George Romero’sof the Dead” movies in rapid succession. It was pretty cool (and sometimes a bit painful) to watch the progression of the movies. Each of them was filmed about a decade apart, so not only is each movie a large leap forward in the development of Zombie lore, but also of film making in general. Incidentally, while the remake of Dawn of the Dead is awesome, the remake of Day is an atrocity that should be viewed by no one.

Take Two.


I saw Transformers 2 opening night. It was pretty awesome, sitting in there with all the 13 year olds and potheads, wondering why I was doing this to myself. By the time the movie ended, however, I was glad I went. No spoilers (if that’s even possible), but Transformers 2 is everything you hoped for and didn’t get in Transformers: A self-aware, insanely high-budget movie filled with girls, gun, and gratuitous robot-on-robot action. Also Michael Bay is a racist and a pervert.