Quest Accepted.

Self-deprecation is one of my favorite forms of humor. As you may have gathered, I am also a fairly big fan of all things nerdy. So when the two come together into some kind nerds-making-fun-of-nerd-culture-but-also-showcasing-why-it’s-fun-by-being-awesome … thing … I’m bound to enjoy it. Then of course I feel it need to share it with all of you. So. Some of you may have seen the old The Gamers video, and perhaps the sequel Dorkness Rising (If you haven’t, check them out; they’re great).

What you may have missed is the latest of these fantasy parodies: JourneyQuest. Like its predecessors, it is a humorious take on the classic swords and sorcery epic. The difference is in the quality. Instead of a fan-made video, which are enjoyable but have obvious limitations, JourneyQuest is attempting to be one of the first professional-quality shows without a producer. Even web series like The Guild are backed by corporate sponsors.

So, what should you do? Well, you should watch the show. If you like it, you should share it with your friends. Heck, if you don’t like it, share it with them anyway. Maybe they will. If you like it a lot, you should visit their website and consider helping finance Season 2. Then you should become hopelessly engrossed in behind the scenes footage, and other Dead Gentleman Productions works. Seriously, they only make awesome thing. Check it out!


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