The Wednesday WTF.

This week: Disc priests. On live, they’re still bullshit, but I hear in Cata they are somewhat less mighty. Even… bad. Players have proposed countless changes, but this one in particular caught my eye, because it was both a bad idea, and the guy posting about it was an ass. Good combo.

So, the idea was to let Penance add a stack  of Evangelism (currently only Smite will do this). While this would certainly make disc stronger, it is not a good way to go about it, for two reasons. First, it would devalue the Atonement. The idea is that you can Smite to both heal and deal damage, marginally more efficiently then healing with Heal. The tradeoff is that you cannot control to whom the heals are going, and an additional mental tax from having to rapidly switch targets if healing becomes suddenly intense. If Penance were to stack Evangelism, there would be no tradeoff. You could simply use this amazing spell, taking no risk that your targets suddenly take spike damage or that your heal the wrong target, and gain the full benefits of Evangelism, and thus the Archangel cooldown.

Which brings me to the second reason it’s silly: it breaks the entire Evangelism/Archangel system. The system is designed to allow you to have something to do during lull healing phases, and provide a nice buff during heavy healing phases. Again, if there is no opportunity cost, you can simply have Archangel whenever. There’s no restriction to your ability to stack up to it. At which point, the entire system becomes pointless. Why not just make it cooldown you can press at will?

There are plenty of ways to fix Disc (and apparently some went into the latest beta build), but this is not one. Even if it were not a mechanic-breaking ball of silly, it is far too big of a buff. Priests are closest to where Blizzard wants healing to be. Other classes need to be nerfed, as opposed to priests getting crazy buffs.


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