The Wednesday WTF.

Oh man it’s Wednesday again. Well, I guess since I’ve covered tanks in 4.0 and then DPS, it’s about time to talk about healers. This has to be split into two parts: now and Cataclysm.

Right now healers are pretty much fine. Subject to tweaks until launch, there’s really not any glaring problems with healing right now. Any issues right now are people learning, either how to play, or how to gear. In particular, complaints of mana issues arise from people either not re-gearing for spirit, or from trying to heal like you did before 4.0. Seriously, that new heal you have? Use it. Mana expenditure is actually higher than it would be if you were to fight a level 80 Cataclysm mob, because the Wrath damage output is still higher than what the new abilities are designed around. Luckily, you can buy ICC epics now from farming heroics, so we can all outgear content and rofl until the expansion.

Of course, the infinite mana goodness right now goes away when you level past 80. Most of the real healer QQ is that we’re not going to be viable at level 85. The problem is: I just watched a dozen guilds down 6 Cataclysm bosses. They got through it. That’s pretty conclusive evidence that healing is viable. I’m not lucky enough to have gotten into the beta, so I have to take others word that it’s hard. Fine.  Even if there was some way to prove that they made healing the hardest thing in the game, it still wouldn’t mean that healing was broken, just that it was, you know, difficult. At which point I say… welcome to raiding?

I also keep hearing something to the effect of “Healers are so bad at 85, I have to drink like every pull in heroics!”. Okay, this… I don’t even. Remember when they nerfed spirit, but didn’t buff replenishment? Yeah, I had to drink every couple pulls then too. So you can’t blow through heroics as fast as your tank pulls. I again disagree that this means your class is somehow broken. More perhaps than any other role, healers’ success is going to be dependent on the rest of the party. And while people are still getting rid of those Wrath habits, themselves just barely geared enough, and still subject to new and changing abilities, I think drinking often is right about where we should be.

So healers just like everyone else need to chill out, especially if most of your beef is with an expansion that isn’t even out yet. Blizzard is still in full-time-balancing mode. Just sit down, take a deep breath, and maybe… have a drink.


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