The Wednesday WTF.

Oh man 4.0, so much stupidity to choose from. I think I’ll pick… every non-cloth DPS QQing that they’ve been nerfed. (Seriously though, mages too high, warlocks too high, SPriests too high… THE CLOTHIES WILL RISE AGIAN.)

Okay, so right off, if you are a warrior, feral druid, or retadin, you have a legitimate complaint. Those specs are getting buffed to be in line with other classes. Despite this, most of the following still applies to them. Ahem. Basically, you did not get the nerfbat, you got the L2P bat. This comes in a few forms:

  • The parent change in this is 4.0. It changed abilities, talent trees, and resources. All of this causes an upset in how you played. Even if Blizzard magically made every class exactly as powerful as they were before, you would still be lower in DPS right now because you’re learning how to play again.
  • For many classes their DPS rotations became considerably more complex. Let’s be honest: unless you were a feral or an enh, your rotation in WotLK was pretty freaking easy. This both made good players lazy and let bad players think they were good. The new systems are a slap in the face, and undoubtedly a large contributer to the QQ. Combined with legitimately low DPS this has Fury and Ret looking pretty terrible at the moment.
  • You’re still level 80. Endgame is no longer balanced around your level, and many classes or specs are missing role defining abilities. 85 is the new black… I mean level cap.
  • You might have deserved a nerf. Especially true of warriors who not only scaled improperly but also were legitimately bugged, and no one can say that rogues didn’t need to calm down a bit. Other classes too, but mostly I like picking on those.
  • Data, we need more data! Even with Beta and the PTR, the theorycrafting community is still information starved. This means that optimal itemization, rotations, specs, glyphs, and so on are still under debate. All the DPS gaining tricks from the past 2 (6?) years went out the window and we have to find the new ones. Expect a steady increase in each classes’ DPS ceiling as we learn more.
  • Mods. Oh god mods. They all exploded. And while the default UI has come a long way, it’s still not up to where mods can take us. Also that pesky unfamiliarity thing comes up again.

That’s what I got for now, but I don’t doubt I could come up with even more reasons if I thought hard enough. Anyone that takes the next couple of weeks with anything other than a giant grain of salt needs to caaaaalm doooooooown. We’re sure of nothing at this point, except maybe that everything is still a giant “?!”, and Blizzard is working around the clock to balance this madness. In between bouts of rubbing themselves with money. I heard there was a pillow fight too.


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