The Wednesday WTF.

Oh epeen, you are a source of endless stupidity. The idea that a single number, be it arena rating, gear score, kills in a battle, achievement points, or anything else can be an accurate measure of your skill in a game is about as stupid as, well… as equating your worth with the size of your dick. In particular, I want to talk about your kills/death ratio in PvP.

We all know that guy, in every game, that is being awful, and when you tell him to stop being bad he replies with something like “stfu noob i hav more killz than u l2p”. This kind of person makes me laugh, and also makes me want to kill everyone, because this person is so oblivious that they can’t even grasp how unproductive they are. They will lose game after game, irritating their teammetes and being the butt of many jokes by their opponents, all the while blissfully unaware of just how hard they suck.

Yes, a person with high kills and low deaths might be quite skilled. They also might be playing a broken character/spec/item build/hairdo, playing against people that are even worse than they are, have skilled teammates that are carrying them, be playing a particular build that is made for kills (as opposed to utility, assisting, or the like), or simply be lucky.

I’m sure that any of you that PvP are aware of this type of thinking, and the results that come with it. We’ve all seen one side of a battle lose every direct conflict and yet still win the match. Why? Because while the pvpkiddies where busy wtfpwning all the noobsauces in a pitched battle, there was one guy elsewhere, quietly winning the game. With one exceptions that I can think of (a FPS match type), every PvP match has an objective beyond “kill everybody”. You need to capture the flag, get in their base, control key locations, get the most resources, blow up their towers, etc. Killing your enemies is a means to an end, not the way you win.

I’m confident most, if not all truly skilled players in any game are aware of this folly. I know I’ve seen it from both sides of the equation. In the games I excel at, I don’t need to talk about whatever number I might have, or defend myself from boisterous baddies; I know my skill level, and no about of shit talking is going to change it. When I face a team or player that is better than me, I often find I receive similar treatment. That is, instead of insults and epeen stroking, thanks for the match and perhaps a friendly discussion of what could have gone differently. There’s no need for my opponent to tell me how bad I am: they just won, and that’s all the bragging they need to do.

In short: shut the fuck up, the only one that is impressed by your sad little number is you. It in no way relates to how skilled you are, and anyone with a modicum of experience will know that. L2P.


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