The Wednesday WTF.

I’m not exactly a frequent blog poster, as anyone who’s attempted to read this may have noticed. The primary causes of this spotty posting are: I don’t really feel I need to be writing unless there’s a point to the post, and I’m lazy. However, in an effort to produce something that another human being might want to check on, ever, I’ve decided to try making a weekly article.

The Wednesday WTF shall be focused on my two main interests: making fun of stupid people, and helping out those that are not. To that end, once a week I will look back on all the exciting stupidity I’ve come across in PuGs, on forums, and the like, and pick one gem to discuss here. Explaining first why this individual On The Internet is Wrong, and then expanding on the topic in a constructive manner to hopefully improve your game-play, knowledge base, eyes rolling skills, or free time.

To begin: this comes from WoW, in a Heroic PoS run, in which a moderately (~iLevel 232) geared Druid tank with a similarly geared healer seemed prone to dying. After one death:

[Healer]: are you def cap’d dude

[Healer]: i mean seriously

Now, the tank was by no means an amazing player, but he did reasonably well and had enough gear to survive with proper support, so this became a particularly poorly concieved case of Blame The Tank. Not only is the healer blaming the tank entirely for his own death, his knowledge of game mechanics is clearly rather limited, such that I would question the wisdom of commenting on others’ playing ability. Druid tanks, for anyone unaware, do not need the defense stat because they have a talent that renders them crit-immune (which is what the defense stat does for other tanks). Clearly this individual had simply picked up this excuse for tank deaths somewhere and now applied it to any situation without really understanding what it meant, or bothering to try and increase his own skill to compensate for it. There were many additional comments further illustrating that this inflammatory individual was used to relying on skilled or over-geared characters to compensate for his own shortcomings, but that’s not really relevant to today’s topic.

Which is, in fact, crit-immunity talents. Feral druids gain crit immunity though a talent currently, and all tanks are slated to receive the same treatment in Cataclysm. This will mean the removal of the defense stat from the game entirely, which is a much welcome change. “But I like my defense stat” you say. It’s true that having a stat designed specifically for your role can make you feel unique and special, but here’s why you should be glad to see it go:

  • It removes the gearing threshold for tanks. Currently, a (non Druid) tank is the only role that cannot step in and immediately begin their role upon hitting level cap. Under-geared DPS do poor damage, and under-geared healers need to drink often, but a tank that has not managed to acquire the gear to reach defense cap may make the dungeon impossible to complete.
  • It opens up gearing options. Again for tanks just starting out, a DPS item may represent a quite significant upgrade over their current item. Now they can pick it up until they acquire a tanking item for the slot. With the addition of reforging, this change will make gearing up a tank considerably less of a headache.
  • It will be much easier to manage your threat vs. survivability. Current mechanics force tanks into defense gear for all but the easiest of content. Without the fear of crits, a tank can readily swap into higher DPS/TPS gear for most content, and reserve their survival set for the really difficult stuff.
  • PvP will be delicious. You’re already well ahead of the curve in crit immunity, meaning you need less resilience to keep yourself safe from other players. Less resilience means more item budget to be spent on stats that increase your ability to crush your opponent into the ground. You do like crushing fools, don’t you?

So there you have it. Being bad and being stupid is an unfortunate and occasionally hilarious combination, and Cataclysm is gonna rock. Hopefully you enjoyed this first installment of The Wednesday WTF.


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