Angry Words Here.

This is pretty much just a rant. Don’t expect anything productive to follow.

I bought a new wireless router. Upgrading from a 6 year old, bottom of the line 802.11b, to a mid-range n. I was anticipating much better connectivity, security, and such. Which I got. As a longtime disliker of wireless networks as a method of streaming or gaming, this connection has proved to be rock-solid. What I was not anticipating was the installation process.

Upon opening the box, I was greeted with the expected hardware, a quick start guide (also expected) and.. absolutely nothing else. To be specific: no manual. Now, normally I’m not a huge fan of manuals (in fact I’m pretty bad about RTFM), but I was interested in it because they contain the IP address of the router. I had a few tweaks planned, so I needed that.

Turns out that not only does the manual not ship with the product, it simply does not exist. There’s none. The Internet doesn’t even know. What this did come with was the single most infuriating ‘setup’ disk ever. In a step-by-step process, it depicted in images how I was to connect each cord to each piece of my network. Extremely annoying for someone who didn’t need that information, but I can at least understand why it was there. However, if at any point in the process it decided you had done something wrong (usually by standing in the wrong spot or ageing too fast), it would crash. And then you would start over. From the beginning.

The entire thing was plagued with errors. From being unable to detect my modem (picture me screaming “It’s RIGHT THERE!”), to deciding that my brand new router needed to be reset to factory defaults, the entire thing was an autodetecting nightmare programmed by the devil himself. Then, after several frustrating hours, it was set up. Finally. Finished. I went to bed. This morning, I moved my computer, which had been using the wireless problem free all of the previous evening, up to my room.

It didn’t work. After a great deal of cursing, running up and down the stairs, and punching anything nearby, it was clear this problem was not going away. No matter how many dozens of different ways I connected to two devices, no matter how I configured my router’s firmware (I found the IP finally, after about 50 pages of Google searches), the things would not play nice. So I got to restore everything to factory defaults, kick my modem several times, and being the install process again. Joy.

Now, more hours later, it seem to be working again. I’m afraid to touch the thing. Oh technology, how I hate how inaccessible you’ve become in an effort to become more accessible.

TL;DR: Don’t buy D-link unless you hate yourself. If you do, the IP you’re looking for is:


2 Responses to Angry Words Here.

  1. Tryston says:

    Yeah… I could have warned you off D-Link if you’d asked. What’s the make/model of your router?

    There’s a reason we get a million and a half of the damn things every week at the warehouse. They sell like stink, but they’re such -crap- sometimes.
    <.< I also could have told you the IP address.

    • zalbuu says:

      A DKT-408. And yeah, I tried about a dozen of the usual IPs that I knew of, but of course it had one I’d never encountered before.

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