I Beat the Internet.

Or at least WoW. Okay, so you can’t really beat an MMO. But we did finally kill the Lich King (carried by 264’s clearly). I was actually surprised at how little time it took us to learn and down the fight. There was a bit of a hitch learning the P1 -> P2 transition for some reason, but besides that, we went from first pull to loot in an evening and a half.

TRI often struggles with fights where positioning and situational awareness are key, and initially I couldn’t quite puzzle out what made this different. Later, when I was describing the basic feel of the fight to a friend, it struck me. The reason we were so successful at this is that while the fight is complex, it is not particularly hard.

Allow me to elaborate. Hard fights (Algalon, Vezax, all of ToGC) are fights with a few, relatively simple elements. Failure of a single raider to overcome one of these elements will severely punish your raid, usually resulting in a wipe. Complex fights (Yogg-Saron, Lady Vashj) have many intricate elements. Single point failure is still and issue; however, unlike hard fights, another raider dropping the ball can usually be compensated for by skillful response from the rest of the raid. Even the more unforgiving elements like Necrotic Plague and Defile can be handled by communicating and pre-warning; this both reduces the reliance on reaction time and alleviates the need for every raider to be on top of every ability every time.

Yes, there will always be a little bit on Yin in every Yang (HM Mimiron is composed of equal parts of both), and yes, most of the “hard” fights are not actually all that hard, but the general idea stands. The Lich King is the kind of fight composition I like to see. Multi-element fights keep me engaged, as opposed to fighting sleep while waiting for that one ability that will destroy my face. The complex fights in the game are always my favorites (except Kael, who can eat a dick), and my highly anecdotal evidence suggests that the majority of the WoW population agrees with me. So, in stark contrast with the Sindragosa fight, well done Blizzard. A fitting end to Icecrown Citadel.


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