I’m a person that likes challenges. I enjoy disassembling scenarios until I figure out how to beat them. In WoW, many of my favorite fights also are the most challenging. I say this so that when I postulate that the ICC Sindragosa fight is the stupidest fight ever, you understand where I’m coming from. Why, you ask? Oh, don’t worry. I’ll tell you.

It’s a resistance fight. These should have gone the way of the dodo after vanilla, but Blizzard still grimly hangs on to the use of this mechanic. Having a fight require your raiders to waste time farming up some strange offset for a single encounter is irritating at best. Having a fight that is nigh impossible without said offset, and trivial with it is not clever. It’s asinine.

It’s a one-oh-wait-no-two tank fight. You want multiple tanks for a fight? Fine, use multiple tanks. Having the OT spend the majority of the fight bitterly pretending to do DPS because you couldn’t be bothered to figure out a role for them is insulting.

It’s the mother of all single point failures. We already separated the men from the boys, don’t make us do it again. This fight has an additionally high gear/button pressing skill requirement beyond that of raiding. Beyond even that, it specifically targets people that tunnel-vision and shits on their face. Which the majority of WoW players do. So that fellow raiders that I’m normally perfectly happy to run around with (because they’re just fine at this game) suddenly become problematic because they’re not good at watching, oh say, eight things at once. If your fight requirement is ‘Find a raid of absolutely brilliant players OR spend hours and hours drilling good players and spoon feeding them’ you have failed.

The fight beings at 35%. No really. Phase 1/2 are just… stupid. They are so easy it makes me angry. They’re also infinitely sustainable with almost no gear. Basically, they serve no purpose whatsoever beyond making the fight longer. Why. Why would you do that? What possible reason could you have for doing that beyond just pissing everyone off?

The fight removes you from the game. You wanted to play your class? Well fuck you. You’re going to spend about half the fight in an iceblock, running away, standing behind an iceblock, or mashing Esc and standing there. Having your raid spend a significant portion of a fight doing nothing is pointlessly irritating. Honestly, it seems the fight was designed to anger as many people as it could. Well congrats Blizz, you succeeded.

My raid  killed Sindragosa. I still hate the fight this much.


One Response to Sindragoaway.

  1. Tarquin says:

    I feel bad about that fight because, as a rogue, it’s fucking awesome. (I refer, of course, to the actual boss fight at 35%.) I highly recommend trying it on Da Jerk sometime – you’re just pushed to the absolute limit of DPS and survivability, using pretty much all your raid-relevant abilities to keep up with the cubes. It’s a hugely satisfying challenge.

    And meanwhile, the rest of your raid is either bored as fuck or panicking because they are effectively being asked to sprout new eyeballs and fingers.

    Maybe this is my long-awaited revenge for Shazzrah? Anyway, I wish the dev team would take the ingenuity they showed in developing the melee DPS aspects of this fight and employ it for, I dunno, /finding a mechanic to tune this fight besides “You don’t get to cast spells.”/

    Alternately, we could drink.

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