You Recieve Loot: Orange Text.

After a long six-ish month, I finally got my Val’anyr! Huge thanks to everyone in TRI who helped (and stuck with Ulduar this long). Even better, we twoshot the required Yogg+3 kill for the crafting. So very happy right now.


In less self-congratulating news, Icecrown. I’ve been spending a bit of time on the PTR testing out the new dungeons, and I am more excited than ever. As someone who has been disappointed with how soon each content patch thus far has come out, I’m pleased to finally be really looking forward to this final one. Yes, it’s partially because I’m sick of the current content – Ulduar is only fun for so long and Trial of the Crusader can eat a dick – but it’s also just as much that what’s in store looks amazing.

The new 5 mans are quite fun: a good mix of interesting and succinct. With a good group, it takes all of 45 minutes or so to run all three. The new LFG is also quite good (Yes, the LFG. Good.) at finding groups, locating more or less competent (remember it matches iLevel now) groups in very short order. With the added ability to teleport directly into the dungeon, and a way to deal with DCs/drops without leaving, it’s impressively robust.


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