Kick the Tires.

Well, two weeks with Windows 7 and so far no major complaints. In fact, apart from some frustration with folder View settings, the only thing I’ve found that’s had a hiccup is Ventrilo. Apparently it is quite common for Windows 7 users to experience static over Ventrilo, suffer from severely laggy connections, or in my case, emit a constant high-pitched whine whenever they transmit.

It was originally possible to fix the problem by using the i386 version instead of the x64 (which many users would have picked up upgrading from 32 bit XP to 64 bit 7). Now however, it appears that Ventrilo has solved the problem themselves; you can download the latest version of the x64 and it will work just fine. Obviously not an issue if you’re doing a clean install, but if you upgrade from Vista and are wondering what is wrong, there’s your problem.


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