Two For the Price of One.

My 10-man downed the Twin Val’kyr hard this week which, while something that’s already been achieved by about five billion other people, was still a pretty big deal to us. After some rather troublesome roster issues over the past month, it was nice to get back into the swing of things. The victory was all the sweeter because it was on what was to be our last attempt of the evening (some people have these things called “lives” which apparently obligates them to spend time away from a computer).

We used what I suppose is commonly referred to the “Door Strat”. Basically, the entire raid compresses into the doorway to minimize the area over which orbs can strike your raid, while two of your raid members are dedicated to the catching of same colored orbs to prevent them from striking their opposite-colored friends. The Val’kyr are tanked together, while the DPS and healer of each color form a very tight arc behind their opposite-colored boss. I don’t have a nice picture to link, so you will have to suffer my mad MSPaint skills for a visual.

There are two immediately noticeable changes from “tank them where they are” or “tank them in the middle” strats from normal mode we were using before. First, the healing load drastically decreases. While still heavily mana consumptive (I was running on fumes for the last 5% or so), it decreases the throughput required to a level manageable by two healers. In this case, myself and a Paladin, which I should note was not ideal for healing this. Still, with more practice all around it should become significantly more manageable.

Second, your DPS begins to whine. Two of them spend the entire time doing nothing (and I really do mean nothing) but running around catching orbs. They were not terribly thrilled about this. Also, obviously, this makes the already-increased difficulty of getting shields down even more bothersome, and it took a couple of wipes before properly switching and bursting got sorted. In the end however, we were all having an excellent time of it (and to be fair no one really complained that much), and it was one of those situations where every attempt you can see marked improvement.

Quite exciting for all of us, and we were rewarded with loot that people even wanted! Unlike Faction Champions, which dropped Victor’s Call and Helm of the Silver Ranger for the umpteenth time, the fuckers. We’re all looking forward to going back in next week and taking a crack at Anub’arak.


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