This Must Be Heaven.

In some kind of fantastically convoluted series of events, some friends and I ended up seeing 9 yesterday. The movie itself was pretty good; it didn’t quite live up to the awesome of the trailers, but neither did it fail to provide for an entertaining couple of hours. That was not, however, the highlight of the trip. The highlight was the theater itself. Somewhere along the line, someone decided it would be a good idea to combine movies, food, and adult beverages. They were absolutely right. The Mountlake 8 theater was fantastic, and we all immediately decided we would never see a movie at any other location. I’m not sure how widespread this type of venue is, but if the thought of Beer, Burgers, and the Big Screen intrigues you, I definitely recommend looking in to it.


2 Responses to This Must Be Heaven.

  1. Mac says:

    The biggest problem with beer and movies is getting up to go for a pee every bloody 20 minutes of the second half.

    I recommend talking a milk bottle.

  2. Adgamorix says:

    We have a theater pub as well – and they even brew their own beer. Mmmm

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