You’re Fired!

I did a few runs of the new Vault boss, Koralon, yesterday, with some rather mixed results. The first two were back-to-back 10s with groups of TRI folk, and we quite handily beat him on both counts. The rest where ill-fated attempts to PuG him on 25s. Given how easy he was to beat in previous attempts, I was dismayed to find that “don’t stand in the fire” is actually a concept that escapes quite a few WoW players. This was after a day’s worth of information gathering, gleaning such gems as: You Cannot One Tank This No Matter How Much You May Wish To, and Fire On a Floor That Has a Fire Glow is Really Hard to See. Of course, running around in my level 70 quest greens because I abused the battleground leveling system likely wasn’t helping matters.

PS, Rogues are stupid.


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