Down for the Count.

Apparently TRI is just not allowed to raid this week. Yesterday there was an issue with phase three of Northrend Beasts, causing our entire group to simultaneously disconnect and teleport to interesting locations. Eventually switching to Ulduar to avoid the issue, FL promptly bugged out and we were left dead with his gates up and no vehicles re-spawned. Today we got through Beasts well enough, and then everyone in Washington who had merged their WoW account in to a account disconnected and was unable to reconnect. This represented over 20% of our raid, myself included, so this obviously brought the evening to a screeching halt. And tomorrow there is an annual RP event that the majority of our raid will be attending, as we are Lawl RP’ers. Not that I begrudge an RP event in the slightest, but it just serves to complete the destruction of this week’s raiding schedule. Le sigh.


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