Your Techo Music Beguiles Me.

A brief reprieve from WoW discussion to mention…movies! District 9 came out last week, and while anyone that wanted to see it probably already has, I feel the need to talk about it anyway. First off, very enjoyable movie. I’m always a fan of well thought out stories, especially in the pitfall-ridden land of Alternate Earth. Apparently so is the rest of Seattle, as the “empty” theater left us in the second row, breaking our chairs and necks in an attempt to get a halfway decent view of the screen. I was a bit annoyed at the video documentary style at the start of the movie (more because I’m just sick of everyone using that than any real dislike of the style. But seriously, at some point even crazy people would put the camera down), but thankfully that was dropped fairly quickly and I could start to enjoy aliens and…well..alien guns. Which were also awesome by the way. I was so, so happy that all the alien technology in the movie did a minimum of shitting all over the laws of physics/genetics/common sense. I’m looking forward to seeing it again in a less pain-inducing setting; this is definitely one for the collection. Oh, and I finished World War Z, which is basically like District 9, only with zombies. Also obviously less concern about alien rights and more concern with killing the fuck outta some zombies. Good times.


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