If It Would Not Be Too Much Of A Bother, Please Minimize The Interval Between Your Attacks.

Wow, lots of stuff to write about all of the sudden. Series of posts to break up a wall of text to follow.

First up: Yogg-Saron. Who is now dead. Yay TRI! Long past due, but roster and technology shenanigans conspired to keep us down. No longer! Not only did we get him down, but it was a remarkably clean kill, with only three deaths. Plus he dropped another fragment, which is always nice. For once, our first kill of  a boss did not result in double Vanquisher (double Protector instead), which, while certain classes no one cares about may complain, made the raid as a whole pretty happy. All of this was done in only three attempts, leaving us with a good three hours of free time wondering what to do….


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