…of the Dead.


I ended up re-watching Shaun of the Dead, which then lead to a viewing of all the George Romero’sof the Dead” movies in rapid succession. It was pretty cool (and sometimes a bit painful) to watch the progression of the movies. Each of them was filmed about a decade apart, so not only is each movie a large leap forward in the development of Zombie lore, but also of film making in general. Incidentally, while the remake of Dawn of the Dead is awesome, the remake of Day is an atrocity that should be viewed by no one.


Rock, Paper, Scissors.


Going to try to keep this from degrading into a rant, we’ll see how it goes. So Warriors. You know, those brown colored boxes you have to sometimes click on and heal. I play one of those, and have actually been spending more time on it than the Priest lately. It’s gotten to the point I feel I can write about them without making a fool of myself, and what do you know, there’s plenty to write about. As it stands, Warriors are not quite up to snuff in anything right now, be it DPS, tanking, or PvP. What Blizzard has admitted to so far include:

  • Low DPS for Fury
  • Low DPS for Arms
  • Low damage/threat for Prot
  • Block value a poor tanking stat
  • Very reliant on healers in PvP
  • Rage and stance mechanics outdated
  • Outdated Fury/Arms talents
  • Heroic strike outdated

What the majority of the non-whining community has come up with as well:

  • Single, single target taunt with no damage component
  • Poor AoE threat
  • No armor-ignoring attack, particularly important in PvP

We recently got a Q&A from Ghostcrawler on the future plans for Warriors. Besides the usual question dodging (which I can understand to some extent), it was filled with vague promises for the distant future:

It could be in the future that we shift most of rage generation to damage done and have little or none in damage taken

Complete and utter ignorance of the game they are designing:

In Ulduar, we think warrior tank balance is about where it should be — death knights were a little ahead, paladins were a little behind, and druids were about even with warriors.

Seriously? Even Paladin tanks will admit they shit all over Warrior tanks. With a very few notable exceptions, progression guilds have flat out stopped using Warrior tanks because they are so gimped. Not so subtle hints that we just suck:

Warrior damage should look like that of Feral druids, Enhancement shamans, Retribution paladins, and death knights. If their damage isn’t at that level, then it’s possible our numbers need some tweaking. However don’t always assume that you can’t possibly improve your gear or your button mashing either. =)

Yes, that’s correct. There’s nothing wrong with warriors, we all just need to learn to play. And then there’s total left fields like this:

Q: Demoralizing shout tends to have a very minimal impact in most situations, are there plans to improve this ability?

I’m pretty sure we are all quite away of how good Demo shout is. Our raid’s Patient Bear has lost his cool on many an occasion over people not keeping this up. Usually when it resulted in a tank getting torn in half.

This entire Q&A session supposedly came out of a capped out thread from the warrior community that was surprisingly free of tolls and QQ. Hundreds and hundreds of useful posts from people that clearly know what they’re talking about, and this is what came out of it? It’s not even that Blizzard misses every point. For all they they are a bit behind in DPS, Warriors are still only a bit behind. Even if they don’t hold it as the priority fix that most anyone who plays a Warrior will tell you it is, they are at least aware of the rage problems. They are working on streamlining DPS trees. But for every one of these that they get right, the get something wrong like tank survivability, forget it entirely like AoE threat, or address a concern that doesn’t exist like Demo shout.

In fact, the pure and utter randomness of the responses feels much like they made a dart board with a series of Warrior mechanics and abilities and picked whichever ones got hit. It would be great if the issues and concerns of the community were read and actual responded to. Seriously, you can pay me $8.00 an hour to read the forums and make sticky notes with reoccurring topics. Even if the response is “We don’t see this as an issue”, that’s better than ignoring it. It at least gives the community something concrete to address, to respond to. You’ve got literally millions of people that play each of your classes. Some of them are very smart, some of them have way too much time, some of them are really good with simulators, and some of them are all these things. They can give you the information that shows you why what they say is true (or not true), but it’s only going to work if you bother to pay attention.

In short, the real frustration for me is not that my class is underpowered. I honestly barely notice it (except when up against a DK, and those fuckers are OP as shit), and I have so much fun playing it hardly care. What gets to me is that the game developers have a massive community piling a mountain of information of them, and seem to be more or less ignoring it. Or at least paying far less attention than they should if they want to be serious about balancing their game. $8.00 an hour guys, seriously. I could use some more money.

Feathermeet ’09


Well, Feathermeet ’09 is over, and needless to say it was totally crazy. We went to outside, plotted RP, beat up a guy, drank far more than is healthy, sang loudly off key, and more. There’s quote books, photos, and other incriminating evidence all over the Internet. Really,  only two things about this make me sad. First, that everyone has left and I feel strangely apathetic about online interactions all of the sudden, and second, that the only way we’re going to top this next year is if someone dies. Unless we have Feathermeet ’09 II: Court Summons.