Disc is Bullshit.

General Vezax finally convinced me to do the whole Holy/Disc dual spec thing, seeing as the two are respectively the worst and best thing ever for that fight. Absurdity of Rapture on that particular fight aside, it’s pretty insane. Obviously the tank healing is infinitely better than as holy, but what I wasn’t expecting was how good it is for raid healing. Giant PW:S plus a penance/flash at +25% haste is enough to save all but the most determined DIAFers. Also interesting, I barely noticed the lack of Empowered Renew. Not that I cast renew a whole lot, given that penance was right there waiting to be OP, but on the occasions that I did I didn’t really feel the smaller tics or lack of frontend. It also significantly diminished my appreciation for Surge of Light. I know it’s already becoming an outdated talent, but an instant no-crit flash thrown up against one that can with a tiny cast time just puts it painfully into perspective.

At first I did miss my CoH, mostly for it’s instant cast rather than a real need to hit multiple parties at once. I quickly discovered I didn’t need it though, as I could just spam PoH on everyone, forever. Mana issues for Disc are nonexistent. None. You may as well have a smiley face in place of your mana bar. And I’m not even properly geared for Disc. I had some concerns with my throughput, especially on fights where I would be raid healing (lacking the bigger numbers/area for AoE heals and smaller cooldown for PoM abuse), but these quickly evaporated. I was able to do nearly as much effective healing as Holy, before absorption effects were taken into account. So yes, not only is Disc far better at tank healing and mana, but at least for me, it’s also better at raid healing. In a word: bullshit.


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