Judgement Day.

I’m not a real believer in the concept of a self-aware AI/robot apocalypse, but if I was this would certainly be a landmark on the road to our destruction. The surreal scene is actually a combination of two distinct pieces of technology. Project Natal, which is the interactive sensor that allows for things like the capture and transfer of paper to and from the digital world, swirling the water with ones’ hands, and the like is currently under development for the XBox 360. Looks like another step away from the traditional controller setup for games, and with any luck less liberal with its interpretations than the Wiimote. The other half is The Demitri Project, having gone through several apparent cancellations/re-namings, before emerging as Milo. It’s this “game” that is responsible for the facial recognition, speech responses, and other “AI” type responses. Even if it’s been carefully edited to remove the more buggy moments that I’m sure exist, the demo is pretty impressive. I know I’m looking forward to seeing more of this type of interface.


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