Fit This One With a Restraining Bolt.

Oh, right, I suppose I should occasionally talk about that that whole WoW thing. TRI is still chipping away at Ulduar, though we’ve fallen victim to excessive technical and scheduling issues, as well as our own rather short raiding schedule. Our latest adversary is Mimiron, and boy that guy is a douche. By all accounts the hardest fight to heal in Ulduar, Mimiron tests both your heal teams’ ability to heal through massive damage, as well as their mana pool. It’s also one of the most fun fights in WoW.

Still, once you’ve seen each phase a couple of times, it actually becomes fairly simple. The damage spikes are very, very predicatable, and thus quick reaction times are pretty moot; it’s more your ability to calculate and execute some absurd throughput at various points. Movement and reactions to ‘Fire’ effects (don’t stand in them!) are both minimal and pretty easily avoided for a caster (yeah, fuck you too melee). Almost all of the Don’t Stand In This Shit abilities are insta-kills, meaning that you’re not going to be wasting time and energy trying to save people that screw up, they’ll just be dead.

This leaves mana management as the only real test of your abilities, and while it certainly does (I’ve started using mana potions for the first time in…forever), like every fight, as the team learns to tighten everything up, both in terms of taking damage and dealing it, the strain on the healers mana pool diminishes significantly. Even after one week of 25s and one of 10s, I’ve reached the point where I can stretch my mana pool to cover whatever is needed with intelligent application of cooldowns. I only expect this to get easier as we improve at the fight.  I guess it’s pretty refreshing, having a fight that’s not about raw numbers and spastic reaction times, but about coordination and synergy, which our heal team has in spades.


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