Oh the Places You’ll Go!

I’m not sure about this whole ‘Ulduar’ thing. Composing my initial wishlist for the place, it seemed the more I studied the drops the less certain I became of what I was going to do. With a selection of options for any given item slot and stat spread, BiS becomes next to impossible to determine, if it indeed even exists. The more I played with the various combinations and permutations the more I became convinced that none of it mattered. I could swap entire sets of gear in an out and watch my SP, crit and haste all shift half a percent one way or another, but no matter how I put things together I couldn’t come up with one that trumped the rest. Add in the uncertain benefit of set bonuses and the ‘soft’ caps one attempts to maintain as a holy priest and the whole thing became one giant tangled ball of Bleah.

Compounding this issue, Blizzard has once again included a BiS (this one I’m pretty sure of) in 10 man Ulduar, and thus I resign myself to weeks of running a dungeon I don’t really need for that one drop. I say “I’m pretty sure” because we of course still don’t have a complete loot table for Ulduar, and thus who knows?! Maybe Yogg drops sparkly candy gold Jesus, and totally screws up all the planning I just did. He probably does, the fucker. As if that wasn’t enough, many of the pre-3.1 epics are making a comeback. Despite Blizzard’s claims that itemization will get better as time goes on, many of the Ulduar items are lackluster at best, certainly not noticeably better than their non-Ulduar counterparts. So even when an items is an upgrade, it may be so small (we’re talking like 2 SP here, no joke) it hardly seems worth it.

Overall, this pretty disappointing from a gear standpoint. Don’t get me wrong: I’m still thrilled with the new content and quite “Squeeee!” over the theoretical legendary building in my inventory, but for all the awesome gear hype around this place, it seems to have turned out to be a few allstars and then a cast of indistinguishable mush. This is just me talking of course, and I think holy priests have it pretty easy as far as itemization goes. Get some crit, haste, spellpower, find some way to regen mana, go. There’s some soft caps of course, but as long as you keep people alive, no one is going to eat your face. Well except for that one guy, but he’s got problems. I have several friends who are in quite a pinch, be it from typical Blizzard itemization insanity (hello warriors and boomkin), or from freaking out over exactly which of a series of barely distinguishable pieces will be BiS because to them it matters (hello DPS) and none of them have had a good time of this. I gotta say…not impressed Blizzard.


One Response to Oh the Places You’ll Go!

  1. Mac says:

    Y’know, I ended up choosing my pieces on look, which is to say I decided to go for the Pally set because it looks good (and I can cover the huge wang with a tabard) and the stats are good and within a good range of the other theoretical BiS pieces.

    It seemed like a good idea until I realised that instead of sharing drops with 2 DK’s and 2 warriors, I’d be sharing them with 3 other pallies, 2 priests and a warlock.

    Ah well. Its locked for a month now.

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