Mets Win, Double Header.

So allergy season has finally passed in Corvallis. Walking to class today I enjoyed the feeling of actually being able to breathe for the first time in weeks. Man, air is just great. Also, there’s a new clip out of “9”, and oh man does it just make me want to see the movie more. There’s two clips in a row, watch them both. Predisposition to post-apocalyptic distopian futures aside, this unique idea has potential (at least in my mind) to make a truly great story. My one concern is that it will suffer the same fate as so many other things Tim Burton is involved in: taking an excellent mature theme and butchering it in the name of making it ‘child friendly’. I want to believe cutting away from the attack in the second clip is just to build suspense, but I can’t help but fear it’s to make the move G. He’s only the producer though, so hopes are still high.


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