And on the fifth day….

I got my Internet. Phew! Five days of no net was pretty crazy. Luckily I came prepared with books and friends that live nearby, and didn’t have to resort to watching Charmed this time around. Still, the amount that we have come to rely on the Internet is really staggering. It wasn’t so much the not being able to play online games, hang out on instant messengers, check my email, or even Wiki random shit that popped into my head that got me. It was not being able to retrieve the order code for my modem (they send it to you in an email; well played Comcast, well played), check store hours before driving a half hour to see if they have a bed, or find out which buildings my classes are in.

The up side to this I guess would be getting all that stuff done that you’d been putting off because you’re desperate for anything to occupy your time. I got a lot of reading done, some writing, finally got somewhere in all those single player games I’d been putting off, and best of all brainstormed a whole mess of stuff to blog about. Aren’t you excited? Now to go catch up on the past five days….

PS: Comcast can go fuck a goat.


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