And now for something completely different.

I was lurking on the Internet yesterday and stumbled across an ad for a free 10 day trail of Warhammer Online. In a moment of “why the hell not?” I signed up. Now, I have a few friends that either play or played Warhammer, and of course there is still a significant amount of chatter on the ‘net comparing Warhammer and WoW. Despite all this, I’d never really gotten a clear picture of what the game was like. As a long time dedicated WoW player and someone who (I’d at least like to think) is pretty good at grasping games I figured what the heck, I can write up something on the two. I’ve since drawn in both my roommates who are also avid WoW players, and hope to use the comments we shout across the apartment at each other to gain a more well rounded view of this experience.

Obviously without an endgame anything I type up will be incomplete, but I think 10 out of 40 levels should suffice to give a decent feel for the game. So far my feelings are very mixed. The class systems (specifically, the use of abilities) fascinate me, and I find myself rolling new classes just to see how they work. Obviously from a pure polygon count Warhammer is alot prettier than WoW, thought it lacks the thematic beauty of the latter. Also I am fairly certain that EA has paid people to sit in the general chat channel and talk about how much better WAR is than WoW. I couldn’t locate the /chatlog function for the game to share the glory, but “fury zerker warrior” from a supposed 4 year WoW player was about the average. Anyway, more to come as I find new and increasingly entertaining ways to kill imaginary baddies.


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